CREATIVITY is the name of a racial religious creed that was founded by Ben Klassen in 1973 with the publication of the book Nature's Eternal Religion. Klassen is a well known individual having been the inventor of the electric can-opener, founder of a city in Nevada, as well as being a one time, Florida State Legislator. Adherents of the religion believe that their race is their religion, meaning that White people are their main focus


Creativity is a pro-White atheistic religion that is dedicated to White people, and their survival, expansion as well as their advancement.

Anything which helps the White Race survive, expand and advance is indeed good for the White Race, is it not?

Good and evil are defined ethically according to the common good, and we view good and evil through the White people's eyes, and not the eyes of any other, and believe in promoting the common good of White people. If we have problems as a race, as a people, let us as a race, as a people solve them.

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If there is one thing in this world worth preserving, promoting and defending, it is White people. You can have any other cause but if you don't address the basic issue of White people and their culture, you're missing the boat.

American Third Position

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