CREATIVITY is the name of a racial religious creed that was founded by Ben Klassen in 1973 with the publication of the book Nature's Eternal Religion. Klassen is a well known individual having been the inventor of the electric can-opener, founder of a city in Nevada, as well as being a one time, Florida State Legislator. Adherents of the religion believe that their race is their religion, meaning that White people are their main focus


We must reiterate the message of White Racial Loyalty to our people, and never cease in doing our part for a Whiter and brighter world.

We Creators repudiate any ideas that promote anything that is destructive to the continued survival, expansion and advancement of our people.

All talents are to be utilized for racial benefit in this requisition. 

"Based on a surmise, he concludes that his "supported" claims are indeed factual, yet to him belongs an opinion that is only a mere guess based on little to no actual facts."



American Third Position

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